When do You Need Running Performance Insoles for your Feet?

If you are dealing with a foot injury like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and runner’s knee, or you are just looking for the best shoe insole for running, then this article will be a big help. Finding the right insoles for running can be a very challenging task. The market is full of running insoles that target specific issues of people who love these types of activities.

If you are planning to purchase a shoe insole for running, do not do it before reading this article. In this article, we will answer some critical questions that you need to answer to help you choose the right shoe insole for you.

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When do you need shoe insoles?

There are a lot of conditions that hint towards the need to use products. These conditions that can affect the feet will make it very necessary for people, especially runners, to purchase or invest in a quality pair of insoles. Listed below are some common reasons that call for the need for using these foot accessories.

Arch pain and plantar fasciitis

Arch pains and Plantar fasciitis are considered as two leading reasons that demand the use of these accessories. It offers the required cushioning and support for your feet. Most people use foam cushioning along with an orthotic arch support to help relieve the pain caused by these conditions. There is specially designed inner sole to deal with arch pains and plantar fasciitis.


Pronation is a natural movement of the foot that happens when lands during walking or walking. It is an ordinary, necessary, and desirable component of the normal gait cycle. The problem occurs when the feet move too far inwards. This condition is also over-pronation.

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It can cause pain in your feet and can cause instability to a person’s gait. Using an insole can help in dealing with this foot condition. Using rigid or semi-rigid foot support can help in correcting the situation. The correct footbed can help in keeping your feet aligned and offers proper support without feeling uncomfortable.

Supination and under-pronation

Supination and under-pronation are the outward sliding of the foot while taking a step.  The feet need to pronate while walking or running. If the under-pronate, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. To help correct this problem, you need to use either a rigid or semi-rigid orthotic arch support.

Heel spurs and heel pain

Insoles help people who are experiencing heel spurs. These footbeds offers a great deal of cushioning and padding at the heel of your feet. It keeps the pain away. There are footbeds, specially designed to help tackle discomfort and pain, as well as offer comfort to the person wearing it.

Running, shin splints and walking

Walkers, as well as runners, usually expect flexible and absorption, support from the insoles. They are also essential for people suffering from shin splints. Cushioned and semi-rigid arch support that has a partial or full gel construction is required in these types of conditions. The gel padding at the heel and forefoot area reduces fatigue and absorbs shock, whereas the cushioned support can offer much-needed flexibility aiding optimum comfort and aiding performance.

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Hallux Rigidus, Hallux Limitus, and Morton’s Toe

Pain and discomfort caused by these three conditions can be tackled using stiff footbeds. These kinds of insoles arrest the feet’s flexibility, which comes naturally while walking or running. The shoes’ toe-box helps facilitate the foot’s flexing. Using stiff inserts will stop the flexing movement and reduces pain.

Diabetes and arthritis

People who are experiencing arthritis and diabetes also need these types of foot device to promote proper circulation to the lower extremities and minimize the impact of the shock. Particular arthritis and diabetes footbeds are used for this purpose.

Why do you need inner soles for running?

Running or walking is an activity that can cause injuries to your feet. A lot of runners suffer injuries like plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, or shin splints — the impact caused by these activities, causes or can aggravate these conditions.

To help prevent pain from these injuries, runners need a proper runner inner sole. It features a lot of padding and cushion that helps in minimizing shock caused by running or walking by at least 40%. It also provides optimum back and ankle support while running.

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