Lewis Hamilton roared to victory against Sebastian Vettel in this years Formula 1 Grand prix race held at the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club at the Yas Marina Circuit.  Held over three days from the twenty-third to the twenty-fifth of November, with practice races one, two and three during the first two days. The race itself takes part on the third and final day after all the highlights and analysis have been completed.  This is the only Grand Prix to take place during twilight hours and being the final race of the season everyone who’s excited by motor racing wants a ticket.  Having succeeded in yet again obtaining the prestigious Pole position, Hamilton forced Vettel in his Ferrari to play second fiddle.  Once again, Hamilton’s perfectly executed driving style complemented his being on top form.  Fast, furious and strong he dominated the prestigious race from the very start, Hamilton enjoyed his eleventh win of the season and his fifth title this year. The British, Mercedes driver definitely benefited from a clever and strategic early tyre change to super soft tyres with an incredible time of 1:39:40.382 pushing Vettel into second place. 

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With fifty-five laps driven over a circuit of 5.554 km, the total driving distance works out at an incredible 305.355km.  The Yas Marina Circuit held its first Grand Prix back in 2009, with Sebastian Vettel then taking the fastest lap record in 1:40.279 and securing the first win over his team mate Mark Webber. 

The Famous Yas Marina Circuit was purpose built on Yas Island, this exclusive island has taken eleven years and $40 billion dollars to complete.  The race track is an intricate part of the completed complex, including seven hotels, Ferrari’s indoor theme park, a shopping mall, a water park, a golf course, a beach, a concert arena and a nightclub!  If you think you would like to see this incredible race track or the Island itself then check out several different websites such as https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi/

A room at the unique, whale shaped Yas Hotel or a private berth in a luxury yacht’s cabin on the marina are the two most lucrative spots to watch this racing spectacle unfold.  The Hermann Tilke-designed track has several highlights including the fast, tricky, dangerous turns through 15, 16 and into 17.  Also, it’s fast 1.2km straight, between turns seven and eight, the track even passes under the five-star Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel! Come to Abu Dhabi and enjoy this prestigious, fast and furious Grand Prix, a spectacle you will never forget.    

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