Improve Your Golf Swing with These Fantastic Tips

Golf is a leisurely game with a heritage dating back hundreds of years, and is unique because it appeals to a wide range of people from all walks of life. Whether you take the game seriously with a focus on continual improvement, or simply play for fun, you will get the most out of your game with a constant focus on maximising your potential, and this can be achieved in accordance with the tips outlined in this article.

Playing golf. Club and ball on tee

The guidance below is proven to be effective for players of all abilities, but remember these aren’t strict instructions, but are simply guidelines which can be applied to improve your approach to the game. Remember to maintain a level of originality which is unique to you, where every swing is different, and to improve your understanding of the game, be sure to research on websites such as to learn reliable information that will assist while on your quest to becoming the best golfer you can be.

Solid Plane
When the club face opens on contact, you are much more likely to slice the shot, so it is best to avoid this circumstance at all costs. This can also be brought on by a faulty swing, where people who slice have a tendency to move outside in. To maintain a steady swing, you should focus on a path which comes in from the inside, and this can be nurtured using the box drill. This involves taking the top half of a golf ball box and standing it on its side, and then aligning it parallel to your target line. You can then groove a path where the shaft passes over the box, and if you commonly slice the ball, set up the box on the same line but slightly ahead of the golf ball, making a concerted effort to avoid hitting it. This will help straighten your swing.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
If you are hooking the ball regularly, a focus on stopping the clubface from closing too soon is highly advisable. This can be achieved by using a thumbs down approach upon impact, where both thumbs point towards the ground on impact. This will slow the closing of your clubface, and consequently eliminate shots that curve to the left.

You can improve your chipping with the help of a broken golf shaft, by sliding it through the hole on the top of a pitching wedge. By edging the shaft to roughly 12 inches down the butt end of the shaft on your regular chipping golf club, you will gain an extra two to three feet in length to practice your chipping motion effectively. Make sure your left wrist remains rigid, and if it becomes floppy you’ll notice the make shift shaft hit against your left side. This technique guards against wrist break down, helping you establish proper hands to make clean contact during your chips. It will also help you maintain momentum as you strike down the target line, and once you’ve mastered this drill your chipping will vastly improve.

No Flips
A flip is another term for the dreaded early release, and this occurs when your body gets too far in front of the golf ball. This causes the club to lag with an open face, and to correct this issue your hands will instinctively work to close the face at impact. The timing required to execute on a consistent basis has to be very precise, and to avoid your clubhead racing in front of the shaft and striking the ball with an open or closed face, establish a firm left side and keep your head behind the ball to stop the flip.

Activate Address Position

To help unleash the full power of your swing, you need to initially set up with a comfortable stance. This can be achieved by tilting from the hips and flexing your knees, and by working on your address every time you practice, you will be more likely to approach each shot with confidence. The key to achieving this is settling in to allow your arms to hang freely, but far enough in front of you to allow considerable whip through the impact zone.

I hope you have found this article useful, and by mastering these simple tips you can learn to perform well and consequently enjoy your time on the course. If you feel as if we have left anything out, be sure to comment below to kickstart the discussion!

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