How To Train a Jumper

Showjumping is a popular equestrian event that challenges many skills. You must have excellent control of your horse and you also won’t need to have great balance to jump successfully. If you want to be hey competitive showjumper, you need the right mount. Here are three tips for training a good showjumping horse.

Use a Variety of Jumps

There are many types of jobs that are used in various events. Some horses spook when they see big jumps they aren’t familiar with. For safety’s sake, it is a good idea to introduce your horse to a wide variety of jumps before you ever enter a competition. Invest in some roll top horse jumps and practice in your arena to make sure your mount is comfortable with the obstacles.

Practice Controlling Your Speed

Speed plays a huge role in a showjumping competition. This type of event is timed, and the horse that gets through the course the fastest with the fewest faults wins. However, you often have to control your mount’s speed to make tight turns and traverse jumps safely. Make sure your horse responds well to your commands regarding speed before you enter a showjumping competition.

Start Small

A horse must master the basics of showjumping before it can tackle larger obstacles. Instead of starting your training with huge jumps that could intimidate your horse or push it past its skills, start out small. Use cavaletti to teach your horse how to control its speed to traverse a course. Then work your way up to small jumps and eventually large obstacles that you will face in competition.

If you want to challenge your skills as a horse rider, trying your hand at show jumping is a great option. You need to have the right horse beneath you, and you may need to put in a significant amount of training. Use these three tips you teach your horse how to be a good jumper.

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