Catamaran Vs. Monohull: Which is better

A lot of people find it difficult to pick between a catamaran and a monohull. However, your choice of whether a catamaran or monohull should depend on what you intend to do. 

For instance, ordinarily, catamarans are believed to be slower but unknown to so many, some catamarans have heavy engines that are very fast. Likewise monohulls. 

Let’s take you through some similarities and differences between catamaran and monohulls. 


The catamaran is more stable compared to monohulls. This feature is very important when you run into rough seas. The stability of your boat is important especially if you are sailing with children or seniors onboard. The catamaran doesn’t cave in on the effects of a strong wave because they are stable. Therefore, you can walk around in the catamaran while sailing without missing a step. 


Compared to the monohull, a catamaran offers passengers a lot of privacy. If you have children on board the catamaran, you can enjoy some intimate time with your loved one with any inference from the kid.

Most often, the catamaran offers separate rooms and cabins, unlike the monohull that may have all the cabin and living space all in one place. Also, the cabins on the catamaran are bigger and spacious compared to the monohulls. 

Carrying Equipment

If you are into SCUBA diving, you may need to carry tanks and other sophisticated equipment to the sea. Carrying this equipment is a lot easier on a catamaran than on the monohulls. Aside from being heavy, the catamaran provides a balance so they don’t swing during heavy waves. 


Monohulls often have a better outlook compared to the catamaran. So if you prefer a boat that looks more presentable, you can opt for a monohull. However, with the trend of things, there are so many catamarans that also have a good look. Also, you can customize your catamaran to look more beautiful.


Although a catamaran and a monohull are fast, most often monohulls are fast because of their build and design. Also, it is easier to maneuver monohulls compared to catamarans. However, all these features are also available in a modern and advanced catamaran.

A catamaran can be fast too. What differentiates the level of speed a catamaran offers and monohull is the engine. Therefore a catamaran with a heavy engine can be fast too. 

Basis to determine whether a catamaran or monohull is better

They are three things you need to check before you choose a catamaran over a monohull or vice versa. They are:

  • Preference
  • What suits your group best?
  • Holiday budget

With these factors in mind, you can choose the best yacht to sail.

Wrapping Up

Most sailors would prefer a catamaran because it offers dual functions. You can carry heavy equipment and also use it for the holiday. Besides, you can with a catamaran on a lagoon, sea, etc. You can opt for monohull if you don’t have children and elders on board. Visit for details.

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