5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

You head out the door, coffee in hand, ready to start your day. Then, things start to go south. No matter how many times you turn the key in your car’s ignition, it just won’t turn over. It may be one of these five common reasons why cars fail to start.

  1. Dead Battery

A drained battery is one of the most common reasons that a car won’t start, especially if you haven’t noticed any warning signs coming. In this case, you often won’t get any response from the car at all. To check if you need to go look at vehicle batteries Orchard Park NY, turn on the headlight or another accessory. If they aren’t getting power, your battery is probably dead.

  1. Bad Alternator

There could also be an underlying problem with your alternator, which recharges the battery as you drive. Without it functioning properly, you will quickly drain a new battery, too. Have it tested to see if that is your problem.

  1. Bad Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is necessary to initiate the starting process which is why, when it goes bad, the car won’t start. If the headlights and accessories operate, but the car doesn’t seem to be getting power, the ignition switch is a likely culprit.

  1. Failed Fuel Pump

Unless you’re driving an EV, the engine needs fuel to operate. This is supplied by a pump that delivers fuels from the tank to the engine. If that pump fails, your engine won’t get the gas it needs.  If the electronics work but your car just won’t turn over, it may be a fuel supply problem.

  1. Bad Starter

When the starter goes on a car, it tends to click when the key is turned. If you hear that sound and your car isn’t reliably turning over, it’s probably time for a new starter.

When your car won’t start, it upends the rest of your day. Knowing the cause lets you get it fixed more quickly, so you can get back don’t the road and on with your life.

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