3 Types of Holsters

While every gun needs a holster, there are many types of holsters available, all of which have different constructions and uses. Here are three types of holsters.

  1. Belt Hip Holsters

Belt hip holsters come in two styles, inside and outside the waistband. Outside the belt hip holsters are generally the only holster style permitted for use as competition holsters, though some places to allow the use of inside the belt hip holsters. They’re worn close to the body and high up on the torso and are best suited to open-carry.

  1. Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters can be constructed to hold the firearm vertically point up or down, or horizontally, on either side of the wearer’s body. This type of holster is particularly comfortable for someone to wear because the gun’s weight is distributed more evenly across the wearer’s back and shoulders, just like a backpack, unlike the uneven distribution of a strong side hip holster or other one-sided holster.

  1. Strut Holsters

This type of holster is meant for concealed carry use almost exclusively. It’s typically worn as a cross-draw holster, meaning you wear it on the opposite side of the body from your dominant hand, either on the front of your torso or under your arm. Strut holsters tend to be worn above the belt line, which makes it easier to conceal underneath a shirt. The holster’s strut is meant to work similarly to the weight-distributing straps of a shoulder holster. It ensures the distribution is even across the body without risking the gun being difficult to draw.

When you’re looking for a holster, make sure you choose your holster based on the type of gun you’ll be using and the reason you’ll be using it. Make sure you can wear it comfortably and understand how to use it and the gun safely.

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