Sports content usage is constantly growing

0-/9\/*Sports Streaming Audience and Magid have collaborated on research to understand the current state of sports streaming. According to the research results, sports content of various formats (live broadcasts, clips, classic sports games, documentaries, performances) retains the attention, first of all, of the male audience aged 25 to 44 years.

More than half of the US population is actively interested in four or more sports, spending on average more than 5 and a half hours per week watching sports content. The audience is constantly growing, since already a huge percentage of spectators are showing interest in 13 sports. Among the most popular are football, basketball and baseball.

           Engaging sports content from ESportsBattle 

Viewers’ interest in sports content prompts large companies to contract with platforms for streaming sports broadcasts and content. For example, Inspired Entertainment, Inc. announced that it has signed a contract to release its best-in-class interactive content for virtual sports with Mozzart, the leading iGaming operator in Eastern Europe. This approach proves the high demand for high quality sports content.

However, it is difficult to find a platform or company that provides truly engaging content. Most organizations simply use other people’s content that the audience has already seen on other channels.  Another nuance is that the sports videos or other materials bring together a large number of viewers from different countries, and not just one region.

Esports has gained wide popularity in the CIS countries, including Russia and Ukraine. The entire region is home to several outstanding teams in both CS: GO and Dota 2, and has a well-established esports fan base. But research shows that there are a lot of esports fans around the world.

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