How To Be a True Sports Fan

Amid the national conversation about bringing the country back together, many Americans are lining up to further separate themselves from others. This division is not about politics, nationality, religion or social justice, however. These individuals have picked a truly personal fight, that of sports. As silly as it may seem to some, many fans bleed the colors of their favorite teams, clubs and athletes. Fans of the opposing team are the enemy, and their mood hinges on the outcome of a game. Here are some of the ways fans display loyalty to their team.

Gear Up

Whether it’s college football, professional hockey or NASCAR, being a fan means stocking up on all the gear. It often starts with apparel, but look at any fan’s sports den and you’ll see much more than clothing. Displaying college flags Birmingham AL or in your area is a great way to support your team. Sports enthusiasts also invest heavily in bobbleheads, replica trophies, collectibles and autographed memorabilia.

Suit Up

Many fans attend games wearing the jersey or cap of his or her favorite team. Fanatics take dressing up to a whole new level, however. Dressed as gladiators and warriors from a “Mad Max” movie, fans in the Black Hole at Las Vegas Raiders games are more frightening than the team itself. Through many years of losing, the infamous Dawg Pound in Cleveland had a more ferocious bark than the Browns had bite.

One of the most famous groups of fanatics was the Hogettes, a group of men who dressed in drag at Washington Redskins football games. Named in honor of the team’s hard-working offensive line, these men looked more like they were attending a garden party, be it not for the pig snouts worn over their noses.

If you want to be a sports fan, you’ve got to look the part. Use these tips to stand out amongst your fellow fanatics.


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