Choosing Your Children’s After-School Activities

Unlike their parents, kids have seemingly endless supplies of both energy and free time. For everyone’s sake, we want to find ways to keep children busy. With so many activities available, it’s a struggle deciding where to start.

Hobbies for the Body

After a long day in class, a lot of kids are bouncing off the walls by the final bell. Such enthusiasm is best spent on something constructive. Practically all schools and many private programs offer sports for youth, usually on evenings and weekends. Sports such as soccer give growing bodies a healthy dose of physical exercise while teaching social values such as fair play and teamwork. If your school’s offerings are inadequate, you can enroll your child in a non-profit youth league Pottstown PA for the same experience.

Hobbies for the Mind

Children who are less inclined toward athletics should spend time on mental pursuits. One option is participation in the arts, whether it’s music, the theater or a visual medium. After-school clubs can also cater to diverse sets of interests, whether directly school-related (student council, school newspaper, yearbook committee), specific activities such as reading, robotics and chess, or competitions such as Academic Decathlon or Model UN. Structured after-school programs not only keep kids occupied, they also promote socialization, accelerate academic accomplishment and cultivate various skills to create well-rounded adults.

Hobbies To Help Others

Civic responsibility is important to instill in our young citizens. There are countless youth outreach programs, some of which work directly with schools and others with ties to neighborhood churches and community centers. These can include locally sponsored branches of larger service organizations such as Scout troupes and 4-H clubs, or volunteer groups such as Boys and Girls Clubs. Adult service clubs also commonly have junior auxiliaries, such as Leos for Lions Clubs or Key Club for Kiwanis.

When planning activities, parents need to know what their children’s natural aptitudes are and where their interests lie. By building schedules around our kids’ unique personalities, we’re actively striving to raise well-adjusted, well-educated and well-cared-for members of society.

Sports can have so many benefits for your kids, and there are things you can do as a parent to support their after school activities, as detailed below.

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