4 Things You Can Easily Teach Your Horse

If you own a horse, you know they require lots of time, attention, and patience. You also know that each horse has a personality that is unique to them. From stubborn to playful and jumpers to sedentary, horses are much like humans in the personalities they exhibit. So, when you begin to teach your horse, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Keep it Simple

Horses are much like children. They are unpredictable, independent, and temperamental. Yet your furry four-legged friends can be loving, funny, and friendly. To help them learn, keep it simple. Don’t repeat the exercise more than two or three times a day – move on to something else to keep the horse mentally stimulated. Keeping it simple will prevent horse temper tantrums.

  1. Earn Their Trust

If you want to teach your horse, it is all about trust. Keep your legs, voice, and hand signals true each time you use them. Once your horse understands the new language, he will begin trusting you with tricks such as shaking his head or moving over roll top horse jumps.

  1. Teach Horse Manners

There are some manners all horses must be taught. They must learn to stay in a stall without tantrums. They should understand what being tied to a standing ring means and how to get into and out of a trailer. The horse must also know how to follow a lead from either side when walking.

  1. Learn Voice Commands

Your horse can learn to come when you call; all you have to do is believe in bribery. Yes, it is that easy. If he loves apples or alfalfa pellets, offer the treat each time he comes when you call. After a few successful encounters, he will connect the two and come willingly each time you call his name. After a few weeks, a pat on the head can replace the treat.

You can teach your horse using trust, love, and treats. It may be easier than you ever thought it could be.

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