Why Cricket should be your Game of Choice in 2020

The cricket game originated in England and is progressively becoming popular in other regions. The game is referred to as a ball and bat sport in the competition arena. The most incredible thing about this sport is that it does not discriminate against the players in terms of their age and gender.

If you are a beginner in the game, you can visit this cricket site to gain more insights on how to become a resourceful player.

Why should you play this sport?

No limitation

You can either opt to play the game for fun or competition. Competitive Cricket is mostly played in the field, while the area of playing social Cricket is not limited. You need to assemble just a few items to get the game rolling. Having a bat, ball, wickets and a team of eleven people are enough to enjoy the sport.

Helps improve eye coordination

The game involves strict eye contact and alertness to ensure you capture the ball on time and in the right direction. Playing the game regularly enables you to improve your eye coordination, which can be helpful in other areas of your life. Also, it ensures you have top-notch alertness.

Better body balance

To be a successful player, you need to master a healthy body balance. There is a need to ensure that you have the right stamina, which will prevent improper handling of the ball. The art of the game will help to gain a better body balance.

Physical fitness

Running up and down is a good work out exercise, and Cricket provides just that. Helps In faster burning of calories and quick fat metabolism. If you are a regular player, you will be able to maintain a leaner body mass. The cricket game is very helpful in the process of losing weight faster but in a healthy manner.

Additionally, the cricket game will assist in gaining larger muscles that are more toned. The muscles will be strong to enable you to conduct heavy-duty tasks.

Better motor skills

The game entails batting, bowling, and catching of the ball, which requires vigorous movements. The movements will enable you to have flexible joints in both the upper and lower limbs. Also, the movements require extensive involvement of the large muscles in your hands, thighs, and legs, which will improve your motor skills.

Social skills development

The game involves 22 players, and each side should have 11 players. Each player is expected to corporate with their team members to strategize winning tactics to defeat your opponents. Working together for hours and learning how to work harmoniously is a social skill that you can develop from the cricket game.

It is also a rare opportunity to interact with various people and foster robust relationships. You also learn the concept of accepting the winning or losing side.

Lastly, the cricket game is useful due to the above reasons. Most players who are professionals in the game are using it as a source of income. If you are not sure which sport to engage in 2020, consider trying out the breathtaking game.

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