Randal Benjamin Asks to Play Basketball to Eliminate Stress

Stress is one of the most common problems people face today. Popping in pills to combat stress does not help anyone at all. It is best to beat stress the natural way. The best way to alleviate stress and improve your feelings about yourself and life is by playing basketball. This sport played with a team really helps you to eliminate depression and beat stress in no time!

Randal Benjamin – How can basketball combat stress?

Randal Benjamin is a skilled athlete who plays basketball and football. He is an ardent fan of Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that basketball really helps you to beat the stress out of your life. Just a few minutes into the game, you feel rejuvenated and better. Exercise is known to produce endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. Basketball entails a lot of exercise and is good for both one’s physical and mental well-being. It involves a lot of running and jumping. This improves one’s cardiovascular health and endurance levels.

Stress makes you depressed and feel alone at times

Stress makes you depressed, and it is here that you should arrest it in a holistic way. Playing basketball helps you connect socially, and this plays a great rolehelps in taking your mind off the things that stress you out. When one is able to control stress, one can focus on the smaller things in life better. The small things give way to the bigger things in life, and this is why you should play basketball regularly.

Kids should be encouraged by their parents as well

Randal Benjamin adds that the development of healthy habits should start early in life. Parents should come forward and encourage their children to get engaged in some form of sports. He points out that there are special school camps for basketball where kids are taught about the basics of the game. When you are playing basketball alone or with a group, you feel active, and your brain is able to concentrate better. He adds that he is fortunate to have been introduced to this game and he always shares its rich benefits with everyone he meets.

Social skills and responsibility

Basketball plays a fundamental role when it comes to the establishment of social skills in young people. The digital age has both its good and bad sides. Being addicted to online games is no way way healthy. As an outdoor sport, basketball helps children to focus on their mental and physical health – this is why Randal Benjamin says parents, teachers, and coaches must play a role in promoting the game to the young. It helps them to develop into social and responsible human beings with the power to combat stress proactively and positively.

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