NBA 2k18 Locker Codes Free | Use of locker codes

At once you will get a locker code or full list of locker codes from any method, after that you need to redeem them. After the redemption process of locker codes, the value or reward which is associated with the code is credited to the game account.

In case there is an amount of currency appears from the locker code then it will be added to the account. If you will receive another thing like- basketball player then you should check out the store.

You are not able to get information about the reward in advance that will appear from the locker code redemption process. With the help of all these things, gamers are able to strengthen their teams and develop some new strategies for the victory.

The use of locker codes can be helpful to the users in several ways. It will help them in saving valuable time and precious money which will spend by them in gathering proper funds. With the help of these particular codes, a player can easily make the dream team.

How to redeem the value of locker codes?

Getting the locker codes is not enough to earn Virtual Currency and spend it. For availing the facility of locker codes, the players need to follow the redemption process and try to claim the reward from these codes. It becomes possible with the redemption process and you can access it by considering the in-game menu.

 Step 1:- firstly the gamers need to access the game and visit the menu.

Step 2:- click the option button and numerous options or features appears.

Step 3:- find the locker code option and access its services, for it, you need to scroll down the options.

Step 4:- enter the locker code and finalize the decision by pressing redeem button. Now cards, VC or points are added to the player’s game account.

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