Basketball Training Videos: How to Train Speed in Basketball

The conventional training systems that have been applied so far, are based on studies and experiences of individual sports, in this case athletics. It makes little sense to pretend to improve the speed for basketball by training only the linear sprint.

Once again at you have first the Basketball Training Videos with my proposal of exercises to improve your speed in the ball. After seeing it, it is interesting that you know the current situation in conventional speed training systems and how is the speed in basketball, knowledge exposed in this article.

Current Situation

The conventional training systems that have been applied so far, are based on studies and experiences of individual sports, in this case athletics. As we have tried to repeat many times, we must know this knowledge base, but in the training of team sports we cannot rely solely on these studies and conventional training systems, the needs and characteristics of our sport and athletics are very different.

Basketball players are not sprinters of smooth meters. Let us think that in the game it is rare the time the player makes a sprint in a straight line, without decision making and without technical gestures. In all classical definitions based on individual sports, speed is associated only with the shortest possible time to make a displacement. The classic formula of v = e / t. Which are what matters in the modalities of athletics, reach the goal in the shortest possible time.

Conventionally, speed has been trained in basketball by applying the 100, 200-meter sprinter systems, inherited directly from athletics. These systems focus only on the part in the linear movement, with which we will be training only a small part of the speed in basketball.

Basing full court basketball training only on the conditional aspect or with automated linear tasks (going from line to line), will cause us not to be performing an efficient or effective training for the actions that will happen in the real game.

How is the Speed in Basketball?

A complex capacity, derived from a set of functional properties (strength and coordination) that makes it possible to regulate the activation of the athlete’s cognitive and functional processes based on the existing temporary parameters, in order to provoke an optimal motor response.

We can Divide the Speed into Two Parts:

The Speed Before Acting: The player perceives the stimuli around him, he has to be able to discriminate to make a correct decision making.

Speed in the Motor Act: Once you have chosen your decision and how you will execute it, perform it in the best and fastest way possible.

So logically it will make little sense to improve the speed for basketball, training only the linear sprint, so we would be training only a small part of the speed.

It has even been shown that the sprint is the part that can least improve, compared to other parts of the speed of team sports such as: anticipation, decision making, changes of direction, strength, explosiveness.

In our Basketball Training Videos we explain an exercise that you can do individually, or with a partner this summer, to improve the speed in basketball during the holiday period. In this exercise we are working the speed and explosiveness of feet, the gestural speed in the changes of direction and dribbling, as well as the completion.

By adding the stimulus of the partner, we also add perception work (detect how the defender is) and decision-making.

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