Author: Shirley M. Rogers

Gun Owner Best Practices

Gun ownership is both a privilege and a responsibility. In addition, if you have decided to carry a weapon, whether it is concealed or not, you need to learn a few best practices that will keep you and those around you safe. Take a Gun Safety Course Before you evenRead More

3 Types of Holsters

While every gun needs a holster, there are many types of holsters available, all of which have different constructions and uses. Here are three types of holsters. Belt Hip Holsters Belt hip holsters come in two styles, inside and outside the waistband. Outside the belt hip holsters are generally theRead More

3 Camping Tips for Beginners

Spending time in the great outdoors for just one day is often not enough time. In this case, camping would be a good idea to extend the visit. For those who are not very experienced when it comes to staying overnight in nature, here are a few ways to getRead More

3 Essential Safety Tips for Dedicated Cyclists

Cycling is an affordable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly way for many people to travel to work and school. Unfortunately, cyclists are at an increased risk of severe injury compared to other commuters. Consider a few things you can do to avoid accidents and keep yourself safe while you ride. Monitor YourRead More

Catamaran Vs. Monohull: Which is better

A lot of people find it difficult to pick between a catamaran and a monohull. However, your choice of whether a catamaran or monohull should depend on what you intend to do.  For instance, ordinarily, catamarans are believed to be slower but unknown to so many, some catamarans have heavyRead More

Tips on Finding the Right Clothing for the Sport You Enjoy

Have you been wanting to learn more about how you can find the right type of clothing to wear while you play your favorite sport? It’s an important practice to wear the correct type of apparel for the activity in which you’re participating. Gear for Shooting¬† If shooting firearms isRead More